Orange & Lemon Gateau  can be serve with fresh cream Chocolate Fudge Cake  Rich ,gooey chocolate fudge cake can be serve with chocolate sauce or Fresh cream.   Soft Ice Cream  Raspberry sauce ,Chocolate sauce , or try it with Bubble gum sauce. Delicious  Desserts Gateau Black Forest Gateau Double Chocolate Gateau Chocolate Fudge Cake Sticky Toffee Gateau Bonoffee Gateau Orange & Lemon Cheese Cake Mini Donuts Profiteroles  Seasonal Fresh Fruits inc. Pineapple ,Honeydew, Cantaloupe and Watermelon ,Grapes, Oranges , Lychees,Strawberry Selection of Jellys Strawberry ,Raspberry, Lime and Orange Buffet Fever cannot guarantee that any particular item will be on offer on any particular day. All ingredients and dishes are subject to availability. Some of our products may contain GMO’s, MSG, wheat, peanuts and other nuts.